Telling a story through quality content has always been the best way to attract the attention of an audience.

Today there’s an unbelievable amount of competition to get people’s attention and brands need to offer more than just a product or service because that’s what consumers expect.

‘Experiences’ consumers have with brands is what’s important today and content is the fuel that creates today’s relationships.

Content marketing offers the possibility to share a brand message whilst entertaining the viewer and quality branded content can help YOU stand out from the crowd.

At Weston Sports, we love telling our clients’ stories through compelling sports content and believe ANYONE can use the power of sport to engage and attract the attention of an audience whilst improving return on investment.

We produce engaging content for use on any platform and work closely with our clients on a comprehensive Content Distribution Plan  to reach target audiences.

So if you’re a company, brand, charity, education establishment, sports body or club, get in touch and let Weston Sports Marketing tell your story through compelling content.

Did you know? 35% of 18-35 year olds follow a sports team or athlete online and 35% use social media to tweet/retweet or share links to sports content. 

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