Colin Paterson

CPColin has been a journalist for 15 years and a passionate follower of all sports for a lot longer.

In 2006, he secured a full-time role with the Galloway News and became Sports Editor at the Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser in 2008.

He regularly covers football matches and produces content for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail. Innovative and excited by the developments of digital, he is thinking of new ways and ideas to make use of the technology out there and can provide written, audio or video pieces.

Colin’s Top 3 Favourite Sporting Memories

  1. London 2012
    The Opening Ceremony, in many ways, was the pinnacle of one of the greatest sporting events Colin has ever witnessed. Who could forget 'Super Saturday' when Team GB won three gold medals in the space of an hour? Absolutely glorious.
  2. Tour de France in Yorkshire 2014
    As a cycling fan for many years, the opportunity to see the world's biggest professional bike race on these shores was a real treat. The dedicated got up at 5am to travel to watch 30 seconds of action! The whole weekend was joyous and an unforgettable experience.
  3. Andy Murray winning Wimbledon 2013
    Seventy-seven years of hurt was ended thanks to Andy Murray who triumphed for Britain, finally, in straight sets against the mercurial Novak Djokovic. Truly special.

Colin’s Top 3 Worst Sporting Memories

  1. Lance Armstrong
    While Le Tour is exhilarating, there is a dark side and the American's cheating to win several titles was a blow to those of us who want to believe the sport is clean and believed he was clean.
  2. England 2 Scotland 0, Euro 96
    It's the hope that kills you. You wouldn't have found a Scot who didn't believe we could turn the English over at Wembley but Paul Gascoigne inspired Terry Venables' team and left us crying into our scarves.
  3. Australia 35 Scotland 34, October 2015
    How painful were those last two minutes in the Rugby World Cup semi-final at Twickenham against Australia as the Wallabies scored a late penalty to win a pulsating match? Heartbreaking.